CotCT Session 1

Summer of 4716 AR - Gaedren Laam

  • Our four heroes are introduced:

- Julien – A daring young man with a roguish background. Growing up in the Shingles as an orphan, he is someone who knows how to get around the shadier parts of Korvosa. With his kid brother Robyn now missing, he seeks out leads on his whereabouts desperate to find the only family he has left.

- Ramiel – A large half-elf who lets his hammer and intimidating presence speak for him. With his no nonsense nature and strength, Ramiel works as a bodyguard, but has dreams of becoming a hero like his childhood idol Blackjack one day. Recently with the death of his brother Meta, the path to being a hero has now opened as he seeks out answers.

- Starnok – A currently disheveled nobleman accused of murdering his parents. Starnok is an ex-member of the Stable Company who understands the inner workings of the city and the royal families throughout. Now keeping to the sewers among the filth and many rats, this noble hides from prosecution and looks for any opportunity to clear his name.

- Valen – A chipper paladin of Sarenrae with a unfortunate past of drug abuse. Valen is on the upswing and is climbing out of the shambles his addiction had put him in with the help of his faith. Through the Dawnflower, he now uses the his many blessings to crack down on the rampant drug problem in Korvosa that he is all too familiar with.

  • The four PCs meet with Zellara, a fortune teller that had sent them all letters in regards to their current predicaments. All the groups problems apparently can be tied in one way or another with the deplorable man known as Gaedren Laam. Zellara tells the group about the old fishery where Laam can be found.
  • As the group arrives at the location, Valen leaves Starnok his lantern as he and Ramiel investigates the building Zellara led them to in hopes of confronting Laam.
  • The building is guarded by a Half-orc named Giggles who isn’t keen on letting the party inside.
  • Through brute force Ramiel breaks down the door and the party manages to subdue Giggles.
  • The search for Laam begins as the party makes their way down an elevator to the bottom floor.
  • Ramiel is attacked by a crocodile that jumps out of a large hole in the floor but is able to defeat it before it pulled him into the water below.
  • A struggle ensues as Gaedren is finally found in his room, but he manages to escape as he jumps into the bay.
  • The party jumps into the water after Gaedren in hot pursuit.
  • Julien is attacked by a Jigsaw shark but manages to escape.
  • Gaedren is eventually slain by an arrow fired by Starnok.
  • The party searches Gaedren’s room and finds a chest. Julien is able to pick its lock and inside finds a variety of valuable items. Items of special interest include a brooch belonging to Queen Ileosa and Zellara’s harrow deck.
  • Valen’s lantern is nowhere to be found as the party departs from the fishery.
  • Now heading back to speak with Zellara and tell her the dead is done, the party encounters her ghost. She had been dead the entire time and reached out to the group from the dead. She had been a victim of Gaedren herself.
  • With her power she blesses the harrow deck the party recovered allowing them to go beyond their limits in difficult situations.
  • Little did Zellara and the group realize, but being brought together in this manner would set in motion the fate of all Korvosa.


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