CotCT Session 2

Summer of 4716 AR - The Dead Warrens

  • News of the king’s death reaches the streets.
  • The PCs return to the citadel the morning after Laam’s demise and meet with Field Marshall Cressida Kroft.
  • After seeing the potential this group possesses, Kroft employs the PCs to aid a Shoanti man named Thousand Bones in recovering his grandson’s remains from the Gray District.
  • In the Gray District’s graveyard is where an entrance through a mausoleum is discovered. The party heads down a trap door and descends into what is known as the “Dead Warrens”.
  • The group encounter many bizarre monsters and disturbing experiments while down here. The tunnels are filled with creatures called Derro who are small blue skinned menaces that delight in torture and experimentation.
  • Ramiel picks up a bottle of acid from an alchemy room.
  • Julien’s younger brother, Robyn is found within the dead warrens where a necromancer has taken up residence. This necromancer is currently nowhere to be seen.
  • Eventually the party finds the various pieces of the body they were sent to recover and reattach the limbs after dealing with giant stirges, flesh golems and an orgekin.
  • Thousand Bones presents the party with a symbol of his tribe as thanks.


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