CotCT Session 3

Summer of 4716 AR - The Cow Hammer Boys

  • Ramiel seeks the identity of his brother Meta’s killer and is lead to investigate the Cow Hammer Boys who can be found at an old butchery known as “All the Worlds Meat”.
  • The group infiltrates through the back of the warehouse after a massive group of starving citizens out front block a direct way in.
  • While inside Starnok bravely jumps into a rancid pit of meat and body parts in order to get a closer inspection of what the Cow Hammer Boys are up to.
  • The pit is riddled with disease but Starnok fortunately avoids any harm as Ramiel pulls him out of the filth.
  • The group manages to gain the attention of the workers inside the butchery and a fight takes place. The workers are dealt with and hung on meat hooks for interrogation.
  • Julien and Starnok stay to question the workers while Ramiel and Valen continue to search the rest of the building.
  • Julien takes on a sinister persona in his interrogation techniques in order to get the guards to reveal the truth. Starnok can only watch as Julien bombards the guards with various twisted threats. From this day forward Starnok is frightened of Julien and decides not to cross him.
  • The guards reveal that the food is people.
  • Ramiel and Valen find the leader of the group upstairs. His name is Verrick and after a long brawl filled with tackles and slams, he turns himself in after hearing the actions of his underlings.
  • Ramiel and Valen bring Verrick down below and find Starnok and Julien with the workers in the freezer. One of the captured thugs admits to killing Ramiel’s brother. The thug relishes in recounting how he killed him and imagines what he would have tasted like. Ramiel fights back the urge to cave this man’s head in with his hammer and decides that rotting in prison would be a much more fitting way for him to die.


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