CotCT Session 6

Summer of 4716 AR - The Execution

  • Valen and Ramiel go to Castle Korvosa to return the Queen’s brooch and find out about the execution planned for Trinia Sabor.
  • Valen and Ramiel are escorted by the queen’s personal guard, Sabina Merrin to meet with Queen Illeosa.
  • Starnok and Julien attempt to track the killer of Starnok’s family.
  • The pair take Robyn who now owns a flaming sword and find their way to the sewers where many members of the cerulean society are present.
  • A merchant informs Starnok that the purchaser he was searching for was a red mantis assassin.
  • The trio are approached by a red mantis assassin who offers to reveal the identity of her employer should they promise to assassinate them themselves.
  • Confused, Julien accepts the offer and is told that Starnok’s uncle employed the assassins.
  • Scared for their lives after making a deal with an assassin, the trio break into the house of Starnok’s uncle.
  • Starnok slays his uncle as the man attempts to dress up for the execution, the group proceeds to light the house on fire.
  • The party meet back up at the execution grounds.
  • Ramiel attempts to reach Rivana who calls out to him from a nearby rooftop but is unable to bluff his way past a guard securing entry.
  • The execution grounds are filled with citizens and everyone is shoulder to shoulder. The party feels helpless realizing that they are responsible for handing Trinia over to the guard and desperately wonder what they can do.
  • Suddenly when all looks grim, the vigilante known as Blackjack manages swoop in to save Trinia at the last moment. Everyone present is in awe and Ramiel’s inner fan boy shows. As Blackjack tries to whisk Trinia away the executioner behind him tries to strike him down. Ramiel calls out to Majenko to intervene and the pseudodragon headbutts the executioner giving Blackjack time to escape. With a wink to the group, Blackjack and Trinia vanish into a cloud of smoke.


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