CotCT Session 9

Summer of 4716 AR - A Sick Girl

  • The group is approached by Grau who requests they see his niece who is very sick.
  • Ishani, a cleric of Abadar is already there but is unable to heal Brienne without proper payment.
  • Valen and Starnok go to find a scroll of remove disease.
  • The two purchase a scroll and return to the house.
  • Ramiel trace Briennes steps and find a box along the shore containing a diseased rat. He makes the mistake of touching the creature and is filled with a terrible sensation of dread but manages to not contract any disease.
  • Valen attempts to heal Brienne but fails to use the scroll properly.
  • Out of options, and upset at religion in general, Julien pays the priest to heal Brienne.
  • Julien gives Brienne an apple.
  • Ishani disposes of the rat.


kerrba16 skbeeson

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