CotCT Session 4

Summer of 4716 AR - Eel's End

  • Valen attempts to track down the source of shiver trade in Old Korvosa and make negotiations.
  • Cressida Kroft sends Valen, Julien and Ramiel on a diplomatic mission to find information on a Chelish ambassador and his dealings with the local drug lord Devargo.
  • Vencarlo Orisini escorts the group to Eel’s End. He is an Elven man known for his swordsmanship and is the owner of the Orisini Academy. He take an immediate interest in Ramiel once he hears about his goals and the two exchange words in Elven.
  • The group splits up to find information and heads to a bar called the Goldenhawk run by an old acquaintance of Valen’s named Tuggins. Tuggins is a gnome who knew Valen back when he was an addict so he is surprised to see that he is now a paladin.
  • Valen and Tuggins catch up while Ramiel downs some beer. Tuggins points them to investigate a tavern nearby where various types of people including nobles frequent. It is there that they might have a good opportunity to find a lead on Devargo.
  • While at this tavern Valen meets Paulus and Ramiel meets Rivana. Julien enters and is ready to get moving.
  • Julien goes on ahead after a plan to enter the Eel’s End is devised in an attempt to infiltrate through stealth. After his escapades at a gambling hall and brothel left him with nowhere else to go he is ready to begin.
  • After chatting a bit more with everyone of interest in the tavern, Ramiel and Valen branch off. Valen takes Robyn to Cressida to keep him safe and Ramiel heads to the Eel’s End to check on Julien.
  • Julien upsets Devargo and is currently fleeing for his life inside.
  • Ramiel can hear this and bluffs his way past a guard in order to get inside.
  • Ramiel asks Devargo to spare Julien’s life since he is just a boy, but Devargo’s pride is on the line and he will not negotiate. Ramiel and Devargo then begin to fight once Ramiel realizes it is the only option.
  • Above them is a trapped pseudodragon in a cage that telepathically speaks to Ramiel asking for help.
  • Ramiel beings to overpower the man but is sent down a trapdoor despite being warned by the pseudodragon above. Devargo had managed to pull a lever that opened a door that led into a pitch black room full of spiderwebs below.
  • Julien is still hiding from Devargo’s men as they try and find him to bring to their leader.
  • Around this time Valen manages to make it to the Eel’s End only to find his comrades are nowhere to be seen. He approaches the guard at the door and attempts to get inside but the guard isn’t going to make the same mistake again and refuses him entry despite Valen’s pleas.
  • Meanwhile at the bottom of the ship Ramiel is attacked by a spider like monster known as an ettercap, but manages to defeat it after breaking into a lantern lit room so he could see and keep the monster at bay thanks to its fear of light.
  • Valen is eventually forced to infiltrate by force and takes out the guard out front. Upon seeing another intruder Devargo begins fighting with Valen. Around this time Julien manages to sneak by his pursuers and help Valen fight Devargo. Julien takes aim and deals the killing blow.
  • Valen is furious at Julien once this happens realizing the entire plan has blown up in his face.
  • Julien storms off and finds some documents in Devargo’s room. He has no interest in them but Ramiel who has now managed to stumble across him and takes them.
  • The three are now together at the scene of the murder and discuss their next steps. Ramiel presents Valen with the documents Julien found in hopes of calming him down. Julien manages to free the pseudodragon from its cage and it perches on Ramiel’s shoulder.
  • The pseudodragon’s name is Majenko and it vows to serve Ramiel.
  • Julien meanwhile uses the dream spider webbing to light the ship on fire and the entire ships goes up in blazes. Valen and Ramiel are forced to jump out in the last second before being engulfed in the fire themselves.
  • With some of the documents recovered the mission wasn’t a complete failure, but Cressida was not overall approving of the outcome.


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