CotCT Session 5

Summer of 4716 AR - Trinia Sabor

  • Cressida contacts the group of four with a mission to track down the king’s alleged assassin, Trinia Sabor.
  • The group manages to track the young artist down to an apartment flat near the shingles.
  • Julien, Robyn and Starnok manage to sneak into Trinia’s apartment.
  • Julien and Robyn loudly announce their presence as carpenters and begin to hammer on the wall.
  • Starnok eats a sandwich left on a table.
  • The group discovers that Trinia had sneaked out onto the shingles as they fooled around.
  • The trio follows Trinia onto the roof and begin to chase her, but not before stealing her savings.
  • Ramiel climbs up onto the shingles as well while Valen pursues from the ground and begins to remove his armor while running.
  • Julien tackles the painter and Starnok tells her that her parents are dead.
  • Between Starnok’s outlandish comment about her parents and Ramiel’s intimidating demeanor Trinia begins to cry.
  • The group proceeds to interrogate the girl more after clearing some things up and become convinced of her potential innocence.
  • Trinia is ultimately turned over to the guard as the group trusts her fate to the government.


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