CotCT Session 7

Summer of 4716 AR - Smuggler Caves

  • The party sets sail with “Salty” Pete on the Woolly Cotton to the caves outside of Korvosa in an attempt to find Paulus’s sons.
  • The notorious reefclaw known as Meatclaw attacks the ship but is driven off thanks to Starnok’s ranger training and Ramiel hurling the acid he found in the Dead Warrens at the beast.
  • The group infiltrates the smuggler’s cave and finds that one of Paulus’s sons named Steffan is sick.
  • Valen manages to heal Steffan and convince his brother Argos to return to his family.
  • Valen receives the Dawnflower Helmet as a reward.


kerrba16 skbeeson

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