CotCT Session 8

Summer of 4716 AR - Party on the Wooly Cotton

  • A loud noise and a flash of light is seen falling into the bay late into the night, Valen and Ramiel investigate but are unable to learn anything of real value.
  • The next morning, Ramiel is contacted to meet Vencarlo Orisini at his academy.
  • Valen meets with Paulus and informs him of his sons’ eventual return and is referred to the blacksmith Rodney.
  • Valen meets with Rodney and requests a scimitar capable of lighting the way.
  • Ramiel sees Valen in Old Korvosa and the two visit Vencarlo together.
  • Vencarlo reveals that he is harboring Trinia Sabor and is a friend of Blackjack. He requests that the pair escort her out of the city.
  • Happy to oblige Ramiel and Valen carefully get Trinia out of the city. Happy to right their wrong in turning her into the guards in whatever way they can. The two apologize and get to know Trinia as they escort her to safety.
  • The pair then return to the dock area and throw a party with Salty Pete and the carpenters. It allows the two a nice chance to unwind after everything they have been through recently.
  • Ramiel and the others get drunk, but it is here that Valen realizes alcohol no longer effects him thanks to his paladin status.


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